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Our past performances include charities and fundraising. We also perform in various Cultural programmes for local communities.


2006: Raised and donated £1,501 to Airedale Hospital Children’s Unit Charity Fund through 7 month long multicultural project and event.

2007: Organised Indian Sari wearing workshop/themed performance in `love in the air', Yorkshire Dales. 6 month long drama project

`Natya Taranga' and performed at Bradford Play House.

2008: We have successfully completed our 11 month long project `East Meets West'.

2009: We were invited and performed for Middlesborough community .

2010: Raised and donated £1,200 to Airedale General Hospital Dignity Charity Fund in 2010 through multicultural programme 'Synthesis'.


2012: Celebrated Tagore's 150th birth anniversary at Bradford in collaboration with Kala Sangam, Bradford.

2013: Celebrated Bengali new year in collaboration with Bradford Councillor Saukat Ahmed. The programme was telecast in Bengali TV

2014: Performed on invitation from Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Manchester.

2015: Aaloron celebrated 10th Year, presenting Yatra a highly acclaimed performance by Aaloron members at Bradford Grammar School.

2016: Aaloron performed on invitation, for Bangladesh Medical Association at Manchester.

2017: Following on from last years success, Aaloron performed Hey Nutan for Bangladesh Medical Association at Manchester. A Geeti Alekhya supported by solo dance performances followed by one act play Biphole Mullo Pherote

2018: Sur O Kristi a combination of musical Hemantika and Drama Biphole Mulys Pherot at Kalasangam, Bradford

2019: Chalchitre Bangaliyana and Ekti Obastob Galpo an evening to remember performed at the Cleakheton Town Hall.

2021: I - Live - A Facebook Live Charity Event, have raised £2,387 for Hope Foundation Kolkata.

I want my money
Nil Digante
Hriday Amar nachere
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