Thank you, it is wonderful to hear that 'I LIVE' raised £2387 (+ Gift Aid) and has greatly exceeded the target.  

On behalf of HOPE, please pass on our congratulations and thank you to everyone at Aaloron who contributed to delivering such a successful and enjoyable fundraising event. 

The £2387 (+Gift Aid) will be transferred directly to HOPE UK from Just Giving, and the funds will then be transferred to HOPE Kolkata to benefit the work at HOPE Hospital.  

I'll arrange for a public thank you to Aaloron on HOPE UK's social media and we can notify HOPE Kolkata of the successful fundraiser.   

Thank you again for organising the 'I LIVE' event and for supporting HOPE's work. 

Please keep in touch, and hopefully there will be opportunities to collaborate again in the future.    

Kindest regards. 

Juliette Whittaker

Fundraising & Events Manager

The Hope Foundation


2021 Calendar


Aaloron Annual Event

27th June 2021


Sunday, 16:00(UK)/20:30(INDIA)

Thank you for your overwhelming support, we have raised £2,387 for the Hope Foundation, Kolkata.