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The banner was re created in May 2023. Designed by Pinaki Shoukalin Ghosh, it reflects the congruence and connection of cultures from Bangladesh, India & United Kingdom . The key features are:

  • Significant architectural buildings from  Bangladesh, India & Yorkshire feature as silhouettes. This also reflects where we were before and where we are now..

  • The red dot on the left symbolises the shining sun. The small yellow dot on the right stands for the moon.

  • The white rose of Yorkshire finds its place in our hearts as Aaloron is a Bengali Cultural Organisation in Yorkshire UK.

  • Bengali alphabets stream across the banner, increasing in font size from left to right - language has no barrier, flows freely between continents and is enriched in the journey.

  • Aaloron means creating "waves of enthusiasm" and is seen floating multicolour waves yellow, orange, blue & green. These align to the colours in our tagline.

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